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    Great News Jack! We are excited for you and think that Zarnestra sounds very, very promising. Keep up the great work!


    Hi Jack!

    I just read your latest news. That’s just great! Mom and I are very happy for you. Thanks for sharing with us

    Take good care,



    I have been on Zarnestra for 6 cycles now and things are still looking good, Whites today were 17.9, they tend to increase the week I off the drug and then drop down as I start the next cycle, the percentages of Neut, Lymph, etc have been pretty good. My platelets have been stable and no problems with reds. I have been on it the longest at Univ. of Neb, I have also been the only CMML, the others were AML, my blasts are still O%. There is alway the thought of how long this ride will last, enjoying it for now, still walking 3.5 miles every day. This week is the start of my 5th year of diagnoses, don’t believe the stats on survival, there are to many variables.
    This disease makes you feel so helpless, if you feel something is giving you a little control, such a natural remedies, then go for it, after talking with your MD and a lot of research. I don’t go that route, but I don’t condemn it.
    Would I be better now if I had gone all natural, I’ll never know, I just told myself if I have just a certain amount of time left, I will eat what I want, in moderation.



    This is absolutely wonderful news! You are pioneering a therapy that sounds extremely promising. I think since you are the only CMML patient and doing well, gives others a lot of hope.

    I couldn’t agree more with your advice on taking natural supplements. Dr. first, reseach, and then action if you feel stongly that they will help you.

    There are a lot of claims out there on herbs and supplements and with no regulatory body overseeing much of it, well, what can you believe. I think that if one person takes something that helps them, there is another taking it that does harm. Who knows when you stimulate the good cells you are not doing the same for the bad?

    Then of course there are those, especially taking liberties with claims, that are only in it for the profits. Building false hopes for those when they are the most vulnerable.

    I think anyone has the right to do with their bodies what they choose. However, for anyone who is new to MDS, going with the more educated and experienced Dr. is your absolute best bet.

    Juicing the all natural and well known vegetables and fruits is probably very beneficial, as long as they have a good solid WBC. But going to the health food store and cleaning off the shelves of newly discovered herbs and additives is a bit risky in my opinion.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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