MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder
MDS is a blood cancer
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  • in reply to: my father has low grade mds what should i do? #44467
    Laurence Herman

    Hallo LeAnn,
    Ive been reading your first post Dec.13 2015 hope you are still well
    i have exactly the same condition as you Low Risk MDS Refractory Anemia with Ringed sideroblasts.
    I have up till now not needed any Blood Transfusions but my Hb count was down to 8,6 at the last check up
    so possibly my Dr will start this treatment. Apart from feeling tired, being pale and having my Puls sounding in my ears up till now i have needed no treatment
    I was wanting to ask how you are now a few years after your first posts and are you still getting blood
    every 4 -5 weeks has your MDS developed or has it remained the same.
    Hope to hear from you soon

    in reply to: Diet for MDS #44365
    Laurence Herman

    Hi Tam
    Thanks for your quick reply
    Ive started watching my diet recently and up till now have not notice any improvements
    Ive cut out coffee, Black Tea and all alcohol (which was the odd glas of wine)
    my last blood results were HB 8,6 worse than 6 months before at 9,7
    I think my diet could be the cause of this drop so i will try to eat a similar diet you have had success
    with and see what happens
    thanks again

    in reply to: Diet for MDS #44363
    Laurence Herman

    Hallo Tam
    I was not able to read your strict diet plan and tried with the search bar with “salmon”no Luck
    can post your diet plan
    I also have a low red blood count and have been trying different foodstuffs which could help me
    with my mds
    Thanks in advance

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