MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder
MDS is a blood cancer
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    Barry Farquhar

    So sorry to hear this news, Tara. Praying for you and your son. My husband is in the hospital now from very low hemoglobin. He seems to lose a unit a day and they keep replenishing. Not sure what his SCCA doc will say when I get him there, if I can get him there on Monday. Crazy thing about this is he’s had no treatment but transfusions, so far. He was diagnosed with MDS in June, and we had plans to start ATG and Promacta soon, but his platelets started going up. He was needing HLA-matched, which were hard to find, plus RBCs. Right now we’re just waiting and praying for God’s healing touch. Blessings to all who are with us in some way. Marjorie

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