MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder
MDS is a blood cancer
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MDS Professional Working Groups

In 2009 a group of international investigators aligned through the MDS Foundation created the International Working Group for the Prognosis in MDS (IWG-PM). The focus of this working group is aimed at defining the clinical, biologic and molecular features of MDS thus providing the foundation for understanding the nature and potential for progression of this spectrum of disorders.


In 2013 the MDS Foundation began working with the MDS/MPN International Working Group (MDS/MPN IWG) to help assist with their goal of identifying key knowledge gaps in the area of MDS/MPNs and facilitating international, collaborative, translational science geared to rapidly improving our understanding of these disorders.


In 2020, the MDS Foundation entered into a partnership with the RUNX1 Research Program (RRP) to spread awareness of the importance of mutational testing. Patients with a RUNX1 mutation are at an increased risk of developing blood cancers like MDS.

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