MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder
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    MDS ManagerTM is a newly developed mHealth application designed for smartphones and tablets that includes a variety of features to assist the patient and caregiver LIVING with MDS to more effectively manage their care, improve communication with and among providers, and track their response to treatment. It represents a digital adaptation of book 5 of the Building Blocks of Hope® , My MDS Plan, which includes tools and strategies for staying well.


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MDS Manager Key Features

    • Ability to track and trend blood counts, transfusions, and treatments.
    • A symptom tracker that allows for real-time capture of symptoms and symptom severity.
    • Medication tool with an imbedded reminder tool for refills and an programable alarm to improve adherence.
    • Tailored support for patients and caregivers based on reported symptoms, treatments and co-morbidities in the form of push notifications.
    • Clinical trials information and tailored push notifications based on individual MDS risk profile to enhance access to open clinical trials and MDS Foundation Centers of Excellence.
    • Direct links to online resources, inlcuding the Building Block of Hope® and other MDS Foundation publications.
    • Download, print and share capabilities to enhance communication and improve health self-management.
    • Provides a live platform for clinical research with direct transmission of data to a relational database and the capability to link to Red Cap surveys for analysis of data.

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MDS Manager
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